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Tompkins Inn

Rock Eagle 4-H Center has partnered with the Eatonton/ Putnam County Historical Society to preserve the Tompkins Inn. 

The Tompkins Inn is important to the early history of Putnam County as an example of the early architectural style of the county and as a building constructed and operated by early settlers of the county. The origins of Tompkins Inn begin in the decade of 1810.  In 1812 this land was purchased by Giles Tompkins.  Giles Tompkins was a member of the family that originally owned the property of the Rock Eagle 4-H Center. The building is located on the old post road between Milledgeville and Athens. 

The inn was operated for many years as a stagecoach inn for this important route. During this period, the Tompkins Inn housed many state legislators who were in route to the state capital.  The building, the history associated with the owners and the use of the building are important elements in the early history of Georgia and Putnam County. 

Rock Eagle 4-H Center plans to offer interpretive historical presentations within the Tompkins Inn.  The Inn will be managed as a part of the Rock Eagle 4-H Environmental Education program.  The addition of the inn will allow the center to expand its program options related to regional and local history.  The Inn will aslo serve as a community event space.