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Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Field Study Safety Precautions and Discipline

To ensure safety, each of the following is required:

  1. The Rock Eagle 4-H Center is not responsible for medical coverage. Each student is required to have medical insurance either through a parent or school policy. The lead teacher should keep this information during the field study.
  2. Rock Eagle does not have a nurse on site.
  3. In the event of an accident that needs hospital treatment, the school is responsible for transporting the student to the hospital. We recommend bringing a personal vehicle that can be used in an emergency.
  4. A home and/or business phone number of each student's parent or guardian should be available and kept by the lead teacher or on-site school nurse.
  5. Written parental permission to take a child for medical attention, should it be required, and must be received by the school prior to the trip. Please bring and keep these forms with the teachers during the field study in case of emergency. Rock Eagle does not need these forms.
  6. If a child is on medication, the medication will be left with a teacher or school nurse who will oversee its use. Statements from parents must request this.
  7. Students are not allowed to leave designated areas without permission and supervision.
  8. Any student not complying with the school's policies, regulations, or expectations will be returned immediately to school or home.
  9. Rock Eagle has emergency plans in place in the event of fire, accidents, illness, storms, or power outages.
  10. For weather-related emergencies, there are weather radios to keep us posted and informed of changing weather conditions.
  11. In the event of rain, classes typically continue outside. Have your students bring rain gear with them. In the event of lightning or heavy rain, students will be brought inside for class.
  12. Some food allergies and religious diet specifications may be accommodated with two-week notification.
  13. Driving on Rock Eagle 4-H Center: The speed limit on Rock Eagle is 24 mph. Guests should constantly watch for children crossing the road. Georgia 4-H does not allow youth under the age of 18 to drive on Rock Eagle campus. Rock Eagle does not allow anyone to be transported in the beds of pickup trucks or in the trunks of cars.
  14. Please be considerate of others on the center and observe "Quiet Hours" of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  15. Rock Eagle has a 24-hour security guard. All vehicles must obtain a pass in order to be on Rock Eagle property.