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Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Residential Field Study Trip Planner - Rules for Students

Rock Eagle considers field study trips just like school, just outside! We expect respect for the environment, all adults, and all students. The following rules are provided by Rock Eagle and can be adjusted accordingly for your group. Printable pdf file.

  1. Stay in designated areas.
  2. Be on time for all activities.
  3. Be an active participant in all class activities.
  4. Use the same proper conduct and behavior expected of you at school.
  5. Be on time for meals. After each meal, pick up trash from table and floor, take trays to tray drop, and exit the Dining Hall.
  6. Electrical appliances may not be used in bathrooms. (Use only in bedrooms and living rooms.)
  7. Alarms may not be set for earlier than (specify time).
  8. Showers may not be taken after (specify time) p.m. or before (specify time) a.m.
  9. Keep cottages clean and your things organized (please keep muddy/wet shoes out of cottages).
  10. Do not visit in cottages other than your own, except at scheduled times.
  11. Turn lights out at (specify time) p.m.
  12. Be quiet by (specify time) p.m.
  13. Do not borrow things belonging to someone else without asking them first.
  14. Before checking out on the last day:
    • Clean cottages
    • Empty all trash
    • Check and Re-Check for items left behind
    • Place all recycling in recycling containers near home building
  15. Pick up all trash around cottage and surrounding area.