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Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Residential Field Study Trip Planner - Group Assignments

Prior to arriving at Rock Eagle, your students should be divided into groups for teaching times and cabins. The below charts will help you determine how many cabins and teaching groups your school will have while participating in the Rock Eagle Environmental Education Program. Confirm your number of cabins by calling Matt Hammons at (706) 484-2862. Confirm your number of teaching groups by calling Josie Davis at (706) 484-2834. Please have your students divided into cabins and teaching groups BEFORE you arrive.

As your participant number solidifies, please update your numbers with Rock Eagle. Rock Eagle 4-H Center reserves the right to adjust teaching groups and cabin numbers in the event of a significant change in attendance upon arrival.


  • Cabins sleep 22 people total.
  • The number of cabins provided is based on the male/female ratio of the total number of participants. Roll-away cots may be provided dependent upon numbers.
  • Suggested student:adult ratio is 20:2; however, this ratio is determined by the school or lead teacher.
  • Location of cabins (i.e. specific cabin assignments) will not be provided to groups before the trip.
  • Use our Cabin Assignments to organize your participants into cabins.
Participant Number Number of Cottages
1-22 1
23-44 2
45-66 3
67-88 4
89-110 5
111-132 6
133-154 7
155-176 8
177-198 9
199-220 10

Teaching Groups

  • Teaching groups are based on the maximum of 20 students per group with a preference of 15-16 students.
  • Group size is determined by staff availability and class selection.
  • Each group must have at least one adult that travels with the group at all times.
  • Rock Eagle suggests mixed gender groups whenever possible.
  • Please designate teaching groups as A, B, C, D, etc.
  • Use our Teaching Group Assignments to organize your students into teaching groups.
Number of
Teaching Groups
1-20 1
21-40 2
41-60 3
61-80 4
81-100 5
101-120 6
121-140 7
141-160 8
161-180 9
181-200 10
201-220 11
221-240 12
241-260 13
261-280 14
281-300 15


Please call Josie Davis at (706) 484-2834 to update participants numbers.