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Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Residential Field Study Trip Planner - Checklist

Make reservations with Rock Eagle 4-H Center at (706) 484-2862.
Collect and send deposit with signed contract to Rock Eagle to confirm reservations.
Make transportation arrangements (arrival time 10:00 a.m.).
Announce the parent meeting/ hand out meeting notice.
Host the parent meeting. Distribute parent letter. Distribute permission slips.
Collect money for trip.
One month prior to arrival.
Choose classes and mail/fax Class Requests Form. Reserve audio/visual or other equipment needed for school-led classes on this form. Fax: (706) 484-2888
Update Rock Eagle with current numbers.
Hold chaperone meeting.
Make teaching group assignments (Rock Eagle will assign the number of teaching groups according to student numbers).
Plan teacher-led classes and gather any supplies needed.
Two weeks prior to arrival.
Call Rock Eagle with any special needs/dietary restrictions and update numbers.
Make name tags.
Make cottage assignments (22 people per cabin).
Seven days prior to arrival.
Confirm your guaranteed numbers.
Arrival day.
Load buses.
Make sure students know their teaching group assignments.
Finally, arrive at the Rock! Register at the Administration Building upon arrival.