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Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Field Study Emergency Procedures

Severe Accidents/Vehicle Accidents

  • Remain calm.
  • Notify Rock Eagle staff immediately.
  • Do not move a victim unless there is immediate danger.
  • If a phone is available, call 2899 to reach the Rock Eagle Administrative Office. You can also dial 9-911 from the nearest phone if unable to reach any facility staff. Tell the operator the following:
    • What happened
    • Where the accident is located
  • Someone will meet emergency personnel at the guard house and direct them to the accident.
  • If necessary, leave someone by the phone to await further instructions.
  • Provide any first aid required until help arrives.
  • St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital is also available at (706)453-7331.
  • For evening emergencies:
    • Dial 2821 to reach the guard. There is a guard on duty 24 hours. If using a phone off campus, dial (706) 484-2821.
    • The guard can assist with emergencies and maintenance problems. The guard also patrols the center.


  • Remain calm.
  • Do not go back into a burning building or go near a burning vehicle.
  • Follow the same directions as for other accidents.
  • Account for all individuals in the group.


  • Stay alert to changing weather conditions.
  • If weather is severe, take cover.
  • If outside, go inside; if inside, stay there.
  • Go to nearest building or cottage.
  • Stay away from windows and appliances.
  • If outside and you cannot make it inside:
    • Avoid tall trees and open fields.
    • Lie flat in a ditch or gully.
  • Notify maintenance or the administration office immediately if conditions such as downed power lines, etc. are observed.