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Day Field Study Trip Planner - Chaperone Responsibilities

Please arrange for at least one adult (chaperone or teacher) to accompany each teaching group. The chaperone's responsibilities are to supervise and discipline students when they are in class, moving between activities, and during free time. Chaperones must be present at meal times and recreation times. Printable PDF file.

Please meet with chaperones before the trip and cover responsibilities and expectations. We want everyone to feel comfortable, a part of the program, and learn along with the students. The more the chaperones, teachers, and Rock Eagle instructors are informed and work as a team, the smoother the overall experience for everyone. We suggest that you have a chaperone meeting a few weeks before your trip to provide them with guidelines and fill them in on their responsibilities.

Hand out the following items at the chaperones meeting, as well as a list of specific chaperone responsibilities. A sample list is included below. (Add or delete items to meet your school's needs.)

  • Final schedule marked with chaperone's group.
  • Group assignments for chaperones and students. Names of other chaperones and their group assignments may be helpful.
  • Class groupings.
  • Chaperone responsibilities (listed below)
  • List of rules and expectations for students.
  • Discuss discipline and who is responsible for taking action.
  • Discuss first aid procedures.

General Chaperone Responsibilities

  1. Hiker clipartMeet with students after getting settled. Go over rules and expectations.
  2. Supervise assigned activities during class.
  3. Supervise students at meals.
  4. Supervise students during free time.
  5. Enforce rules for students. Correct students when and if necessary.
  6. Report any disciplinary/school related incidents to the lead teacher from the school.
  7. Report any maintenance or programming needs to Rock Eagle Staff.
  8. Make sure students have necessary items for class (water bottle, EpiPens, other necessary medication, etc.)