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Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Camp EcoAdventure Community Program

April 6-10, 2015

Camp EcoAdventureCamp EcoAdventure is an environmental education day camp open to ages 6 - 11 years old. The goal of the program is to offer an affordable, educational, and fun day camp to children who are interested in our local natural resources.


Camp EcoAdventure objectives are to:

  • create awareness and appreciation of our surrounding natural environment,
  • promote natural resource conservation in our daily lives,
  • introduce & promote the visual arts as a means of expression,
  • provide a safe and fun learning environment for all campers,
  • and have a positive outdoor experience for all!

Registration Forms Now Available!

Monday (April 6th) - Playing in the Dirt: Prepare to get dirty! Campers will learn about what plants need to grow, explore Rock Eagle’s vegetable farm, and even grow plants of our own!

Tuesday (April 7th) - Animal Parade: Campers will have the opportunity to meet and greet the many animals that live at Rock Eagle. From bugs to frogs to raptors, participants will see, touch, and hold a wide variety of critters while learning the importance of animals to the ecosystem.

Wednesday (April 8th) - Back to the Future: Take a trip to the past as campers learn about the Native Americans and pioneer homesteaders that lived at Rock Eagle. Campers will play historic games, participate in a traditional campfire, and help make a waddle and daub hut.

Thursday (April 9th) - Water Water Everywhere: Prepare to get wet as participants spend a day exploring Rock Eagle’s lake. Students will learn about watershed health and conservation while canoeing, fishing, and sampling for critters with nets.

Friday (April 10th) - Survival Skillz: Survive in the wild for the day as we learn how to build shelters, make a fire, and navigate with a map and compass. Campers will also participate in activities that showcase how animals use their senses to live in the great outdoors.  

EcoAdventure Campers

For additional information contact Laura Kent via email or by phone:(706) 484-2881.

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