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Rock Eagle 4-H Center: Environmental Education

Sponsor-A-Critter Program

Rock Eagle cares for a sizeable collection of educational animals. These animal ambassadors help us teach our guests about the natural history, biology, and conservation of native species. The opportunity to interact with live animals during classes creates a lasting impact in our students. For some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To help offset the cost of caring for our ambassadors, you can register as a sponsor. Sponsorship fees help pay for food and cleaning supplies, health care needs, and habitat repairs or improvements. Sponsorships last for one year, and you can choose what level of sponsorship is most meaningful to you.

Every sponsor receives the following in appreciation for their support:

  • A written thank you note
  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • An invitation to a behind-the-scenes animal care experience (offered
    quarterly, limited space per tour)
  • A full color photo of your animal
  • A species information pamphlet about your animal
  • Listing in our newsletter as a sponsor
  • An official letter of tax deductible donation

In addition, each level of sponsorship includes different benefits. These benefits are listed below.

  Sponsor ($40)

Patron ($60)

Caretaker ($80)
Gift Sponsor-A-Critter Pen and Magnet

Sponsor Level Gift

Free admittance to one public program per year

Choice of:

Sponsor-A-Critter Coffee Mug


Sponsor-A-Critter Pint Glass

Sponsor Level Gift

Free admittance to one public program per year

Choice of:

Sponsor-A-Critter Coffee Mug

Sponsor-A-Critter Pint Glass

Sponsor-A-Critter T-Shirt

Animals to Sponsor

Hermione - Green Treefrog


Tigger - Tiger Salamander


Bowser - Common Snapping Turtle


Chester - Hognose Snake



JJ - Black Rat Snake

JJ Closeup

Collins - Leopard Gecko


Frodo - Diamondback Terrapin

Frodo Look Back

Honey Bee Colony


Buddi - Great Horned Owl

Buddi Game Face

Savvy - Red-tailed Hawk


Simon & Garfunkel - American Alligators


Digger - Gopher Tortoise




For more information about the program, please review this pamphlet:

Sponsor-A-Critter Program Information

Become a Sponsor

Fill out a Sponsor-A-Critter Form (pdf) and mail it, with your registration fee, to:

Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Attn: Sponsor-A-Critter Program

350 Rock Eagle Road

Eatonton, GA 31024

Please make checks payable to the Georgia 4-H Foundation.

If sponsorship isn't for you, another way you can help is our Critter Wish List.