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Meet our Animals - Fish

There are many different fish species living in Rock Eagle Lake and streams. Check out who lives in our fish tanks!


Danny the Darter fishCommon Name: Darter
Scientific Name: Percidae etheostominae

Info: There are 47 species of darters that occur in Georgia. Darters are small fish most measuring less than 4 inches. These fish are characterized by two dorsal fins, the first with spines and the second with rays, thoracic pelvic fins, and generally two anal spines. Their name is derived from the fact that they don't swim in ordinary fashion, but dart from place to place. The darters are primarily carnivorous, eating a diet of insects and zooplankton. They have been known to live in schools, but condominiums and apartment complexes also work quite nicely. They are sometimes known for their domestic disturbances and do not make the best neighbors.