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Environmental Education Program Needs

How You Can Help

Program Wide

  • Electric Golf Carts.
    • Electric carts would cut down on our carbon footprint.

Class Related

  • 100 GPS units for orienteering course. ~$100-150 each (need 45-60)
    • These would allow us to compare and contrast modern technology with earlier but still relevant technology.

  • Bee suits.
    • This will allow us to offer more people the opportunity to get up close and personal with the bees. $1000

  • New canoes and paddles.
    • Many of the canoes are the original canoes the DNR donated to Diane Davies in 1979.
    • Canoes - $1000 each
    • Paddles - $20 each

  • Turn of the century house furnishings and hand tools.
    • Rock Eagle has a saddle bag house that is empty.  We would like the students to have an opportunity to see the inside of a furnished early 1900’s home.
    • See complete list.


  • Museum Water Exhibit: $3500
    • We are in the process of updating the "It's a Waterful Life" exhibit. Students will learn about water quality and use.  

  • Bee hive exhibit  - $180
  • Updated museum exhibits.

  • Computers and projectors in each classroom of both Aquatic Labs.

  • Sidewalk and benches for turtle enclosure.
    • The turtle enclosure is a wonderful opportunity for guest to see turtles in a more natural environment.  It also encourages learning experiences even when staff are not available.
    • Benches: $400-500 - need 2
    • Sidewalk: $3200

  • Outdoor vacuum for the turtle pond at the Wildlife building (helps keep water clean). $400

  • Heating units for the bird aviary.
    • These would allow the birds to better weather the winter. $170

  • Updated signs/ benches on the white trail and around the Rock Eagle mound.

  • Complete Area 4 Challenge Course.
    • This would provide a separate area for our adventure adult programs.
    • >$10,000

  • Snake cages.
    • Tanks are cracking from age and use.
    • $500 - $1000


I am Georgia 4-H

For more information please contact:

Matt Hammons
350 Rock Eagle Road
Eatonton, GA 31024
Phone: (706) 484-2862
Fax: (706) 484-2888