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Rock Eagle 4-H Volunteer Program

Whether it’s a one time experience, or a long term commitment, be a part of something great, at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.

The Environmental Education department at Rock Eagle 4-H Center is excited to launch its Volunteer Program, Spring 2017. We open our doors to ~20,000 students and campers each year. With over 1,000 acres of teaching space, 40+ animal ambassadors, and our very own Natural History Museum, there are many ways to get involved. We are excited to recruit volunteers for a behind the scenes look at our day-to-day operations. 

Explore different ways to get involved, and figure out where you'd like to volunteer your time and talents. We are looking for all types of applicants for many different jobs around center. We are in need of regular volunteers who enjoy caring for animals as well as on-call volunteers who will share their time working in our Natural History Museum. There will also be seasonal opportunities to volunteer at special events, or big projects on center.

Contact Jessica Torhan at 706-484-4838 or for more information on how to get involved.