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UGA Cooperative Extension: Georgia 4-H

Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Rock Eagle 4-H Center is located north of Eatonton, Georgia, adjacent to the Oconee National Forest. With nearly 1,500 acres of forested land, including a 110 acre lake, Rock Eagle is a natural meeting site away from everyday life. More info...


Nestled in the pines of the Oconee National Forest, Rock Eagle 4-H Center provides a natural retreat atmosphere for conferences and group meetings. Available for group booking: eight conference buildings, auditorium, fifty four cottages, Natural History Museum, seven open air pavilions, chapel, pools and more! More info...

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Rock Eagle Centerpiece of Georgia 4-H is now available.

In a time before history was recorded, on land that was destined to change the course of children’s lives, lived a people who would leave their mark for the world to see ... and to know ... that this land was indeed a special place. Anyone who has lived, worked or played here appreciates the spirit that resides here. This spirit began long before campers sang and cheered to the delight of their adult leaders, long before the tall, graceful pine trees replaced the cotton in worn-out soil, and even before Native Americans chose this land to establish their villages. All would agree that despite the trials this land has seen, it found its calling on October 30, 1954, when the Rock Eagle 4-H Center was dedicated for the purpose of providing education and recreation for youth and adults.  These 600 pages and 900 historic photos begin to tell the story of the land and the people.

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Rock Eagle offers Saturday @ the Rock, Community Programs open to the public!

Various programs are offered year round and offer something for everyone. Learn more about the various adult and family programs being offered throughout the year!


Georgia 4-H Summer Camping Program

Georgia 4-H summer camps provide an outdoor summer program unparalleled in the nation. For more information, please contact your local 4-H county agent.